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hey, i decided i ought to join a nashua community because i'll be spending alot of time in nashua this summer (my mum's apartment is like 5 feet away from downtown - i can walk to the library! and the pool!) so basically i figured maybe i could make some nashua friends and not be bored out of my mind all summer. plus you guys called yourself kool kids then said you were really dorks, geeks, nerds, etc. i am a dork, geek, nerd, etc. and proud of it! so there you have it!

im me (licorice232) or leave a comment, please!
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tired of music communities that don't fit your criteria? tired of morons posting lame ass shit about bands you gave up a long time ago? sick of hearing people say "i like everything but rap & country"? check out nonpaste.

nonpaste is a music community for those with the love for music. if you feel that you've got the love, then by all means, apply, please.